Why We All Need to Stop Using Face Wipes

Face Wipes are super convenient. You can hop into bed, run a wipe over your face and voila!

Make-up is gone. Right?

Well… not quite.

Makeup wipes are actually pretty bad for your skin. And when we say pretty bad, we mean terrible.

One of the main reasons for this is because they don’t actually take off all your make-up. Sure they give the impression of it, after all, you can see the orangey-black smudges of your foundation and eyeliner right there on the wipe! But they don’t work deep into the pores and stop the makeup from clogging them. Often because we’ve used a wipe we won’t then go and wash our faces with a gentle cleanser, and herein lies the problem.

It’s as good as us leaving a full face of makeup on overnight.

Not good for your bedsheets, not good for your skin either.

1. Makeup wipes spread dirt around your face

Makeup wipes don’t clean your face. What they do is spread whatever makeup, dirt and dead skin cells you have on your face around to other parts of your face. Sound gross? That’s because it is. It’s giving us the impression of cleaning our faces, whilst actually just spreading dirt around them.

2. The chemicals in makeup wipes can irritate your skin

Makeup wipes tend to be damp and soapy, and micro-organisms love damp.

That’s why makeup wipes contain a mixture of chemicals designed to keep micro-organisms away. Unluckily for us, however, these chemicals can also irritate our skin and, if we fail to follow up with a gentle cleanser, can develop into inflammation.

3. We tend to be too harsh to our faces when we use makeup wipes

The mechanics of scraping off our makeup with a wipe often means we’ll scrub pretty ferociously at our skin.

Unsurprisingly, our skin isn’t a fan of this, and this is another reason why our faces can look a little red in the mirror after using a wipe.

Rubbing can cause low-level inflammation. If it continues to happen over time, this can not only promote skin pigmentation but it can also cause early wrinkling.

4. If you use a wipe without washing your face afterwards, you transfer all that bacteria onto your pillow...

Which transfers it back to your face the following night. It’s a horrible circle of bacteria. Have you ever found that your skin gets clearer when you’ve washed your sheets? This is why.

5. Makeup wipes cause bad habits

If you’re guilty of getting up off the sofa, wiping a makeup wipe over your face and immediately going to bed, you’re not alone. Makeup wipes have removed the trinity of skin care: cleanse, tone, moisturise, and put it into one handy wipe. Not only this, but the agents in makeup wipes often dry our skin out, meaning that moisturiser step is even more vital than it was before.

Your skin is made up of cells, and cells require water. So once you’ve cleaned all of the makeup and bacteria out of your skin using a gentle cleanser, make sure you moisturise!

Here are 2 ways for you to cleanse your face without makeup wipes:

1. Smooth an oil such Environ Pre-Cleanse Oil over your skin and activate it by removing it with warm water and wiping. Then...

2. Invest in a cleanser that actually helps your skin and use it in conjunction with a moisturiser - all the products you use should help you to reach your skincare goal

And our biggest tips:

Take your makeup off as soon as you come home, before you sink into the sofa or start to snuggle up in bed. If you can do it before you get tired, the chances of you taking it off properly and completing every step are much, much higher!

Oh, and throw away those makeup wipes!

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