What Does Your Nail Colour Say About You?

First impressions matter more than we might think, and one of the first thing that we notice about other people (apart from their shoes) is often their hands. This is because they’ll go in for a handshake, or perhaps offer a business card.

As a woman shaking hands with another woman, you’re also likely to notice her nails. And like it or not, we start to form an idea of someone based from all these tiny cues. For example, have you ever seen a woman with letterbox red nails and thought, wow, she must be super confident?

Nails can say a lot about a person, so what do your nails say about you?


These are the classic, clean and always appropriate. Nowadays we’ve also incorporated beige, pale greys and creams into our nude pallet to take it to the next level. Nude shades are beautiful in their understatement, they tell other people you take pride in your appearance.

Red Nails

Red nails are the classic statement nail. They tell other people that you’re daring, you’re outgoing and you’re super confident (...or, you just simply love the colour red!) Either way they’re a nail designed to attract attention, so they give you an air of being self-assured.

Pink Nails

Pink nails speak to our feminine side. Whilst some shades can be considered ‘girlish’, pink is also a power colour: packing as much of a punch as it’s sister, red. Pastel pinks are the ultimate neutral colour and is most common in professional environments, where you’re not permitted overtly bold colours. Different hues tell different stories, but most importantly pink nails tell other people that you’re feminine and proud!

Orange Nails

Orange is a cheerful colour, often associated with summer (and definitely getting more popular as we move towards warmer months!) Orange is bold, but it also shows off your creativity.

Yellow Nails

Yellow is a colour that’s coming into fashion with a vengeance this year, there’s yellow everywhere. Yellow is associated with sunshine and warmth, but it’s also a very punchy colour (that’s why it’s used on warning signs, you can’t ignore yellow!) Yellow nails signify confidence, show that you’re an extrovert and points to a bohemian vibe.

Purple Nails

Softer shades of purple, like lavender, are graceful and look elegant on your nails. Not quite as dark as grey they’re able to achieve an understated nude effect whilst still incorporating a splash of colour. They show off your feminine side.

Darker shades of purple and punchier shades again speak of confidence, as well as showing other people that you’re artistic.

Dark Blue/Green or Dark Red Nails

Dark colours are very common, but these are also bold. They tell others that you’re bold and courageous, and perhaps that you like to live on the wild side. (It might also tell them that you wear a lot of bright colours and so need a neutral nail shade to compliment!)

Black Nails

Black nail varnish is a power statement. Black clothing is associated with authority and it’s the same for black nails, they give you a ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe that’s perfect at work or after work. Plus the beauty of black nails is that they’ll go with everything!

Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are a fashion statement in and of themselves, sported by rock stars like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. A slightly less practical nail, it tells people that you’re a fashionista.

Artistic Nails

Having a daring manicure, a statement nail or a set of nail wraps shows people you’re not afraid to express your creative side, that you take risks and that you value your uniqueness. (It also shows you’re willing to spend a little longer at the salon, as these nails tend to take longer!)

Glitter/Chrome/Gem Nails

The “unicorn trifecta” of nails, these colours include anything with a bit of sparkle. They’re newer than the reds and pinks that we’ve had for years, so they’re often seen as more ‘on trend’. If they feel a bit too punchy for your fingernails (or if they’re too bright for an office environment) try them out on your toes!

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