Do You Know The Difference Between Massages?

Massages are meant to be relaxing, but trying to work out which massage is best for you can be quite a stressful process.

When you’re faced with a list and asked to choose, how do you know that you’re picking the right massage based on your needs?

We’ve created a handy guide, to help you do just that. So next time you ask for a massage, you’ll know exactly which massage you want.

Massages for Athletes

Sports massages aren’t particularly relaxing. They combine Swedish massage, Shiatsu and other techniques to focus their attention around the muscle groups you use for your spot. Athletes often need a bit of extra help removing tough muscle knots, but massage also promotes good blood circulation as well as stretching out the muscle tissue and helping to reduce scar tissue.

If you’re a runner, a swimmer or play any kind of sport where you feel a twinge, a sports massage might be just what you need to get back onto the field.

Massages to improve your flexibility

Thai massage is a full body massage. It’s an active, invigorating massage (not one you’ll fall asleep in) as the therapist manipulates your body, moving it into stretch positions and holding it there so your muscle tissues can loosen.

In Thai massage, the therapist uses nearly every part of her body to manipulate yours, arms, elbows, and feet. They apply pressure to your muscles and help you loosen up tight joints.

Thai massage is an energising massage, helping you increase your flexibilty. It’s great for improving your energy levels and contributing to your overall health and wellbeing.

Massages for pain


Shiatsu massage therapists use their fingers to exert force onto the pressure points around your body. This massage comes from Japan, and the idea is to release energy that’s trapped in your pressure points and fix any imbalances in your internal flow of energy.

It’s great for relieving stress and also recommended for people suffering from back pain, headaches and a lack of energy.

Neuromuscular Therapy

More of a procedure than a massage, neuromuscular theapy is for those that have severe cases of back pain, injuries and problems with their posture. It involves a trained specialist placing pressure on areas where you may be experieing muscle spasm. It’s a soft tissue massage that targets the pressure points and muscle triggers that you’re experiencing issues with.

The idea behind it is to relax the muscles that are causing pain and promote oxygen and blood flow around the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

When you have a deep tissue massage, your therapist will deliberately manipulate painful areas of the muscle by pushing into it. This massage can leave you feeling a bit sore because of how deeply they apply the pressure, however it focusses on specific trouble points, meaning if you’re having problems with the same area, this could be just the thing to release the muscle once and for all.

Your therapist uses their knuckles, as well and their elbows to apply pressure to the muscle all the way down to the bone. It’s a exerting treatment for the therapist as well as for you, so not a massage if you want to leave feeling relaxed.

Massages for Relaxation

Hot Stone Massage

Your therapist uses hot stones to massage and relax your muscles. They will place warm, smooth stones across your back and along your pressure points. The stones can be quite hot, but should never be painful. The heat helps draw the tension out of your muscles and feels like someone is rolling something across you. The heat is epecially good for your shoulders and back, which is where most therapists tend to focus.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most common forms of massage. It involves a number of different techniques pulled together, such as muscle kneading and rolling, using their fingers or thumb to create friction in a muscle point and chopping or pounding actions for tight muscle groups.

All About Me Massages

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Using a medium to light pressure, adjusted to your individual needs, a back, neck and shoulder massage helps work out the knots in the most troublesome areas.

This massage helps to ease stress and muscular tension in the back area - especially for people that work at a desk most of the day.

Full Body Massage

Full body massages use a medium to hard pressure to promote relaxation and blood circulation around the body. Let us know if you have any problem areas in particular, so we can soothe these by focussing on that region.

Hot Stone Massage

A relaxing massage for health and wellbeing, our hot stone massages can be booked for 30, 45 or 60 minute periods.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is over a thousand years old. It is designed to help relieve physical tension (that causes headaches) as well as helping with mental fatigue.

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