The 10 Craziest Nail Trends of 2017

This year has been a good year for nails (or a bad one, depending on how much you like wacky nails.)

Nails have always been a fashion statement, but we’re getting bigger and bolder with our nails than ever before. Here’s our round up of the top 10 nail trends to hit 2017. How many would you get?

1. Pom Pom Nails

Pom poms aren’t just for hairbands and handbags. Oh no. They can be for nails too. This cute design is perfect in the summer, but might not be so great when trying to slip your hands into your winter gloves.

2. Succulent Nails

This trend involves using actual succulent plants on your nails. Whilst very unusual, they’re also not very sustainable (as plants tend to wilt.)

3. Crystal Nails

With tapering ends looking like shards of crystal, these nails are sure to pack a punch (not literally as you could possibly do some real damage!) The look is achieved by using shiny holographic strips, which you arrange to look like shattered glass.

4. Unicorn Nails

Unicorns are a big trend this year, so it’s almost unsurprising they edged into nails as well. The unicorn horn and rainbow glitter effect are what makes these nails the most striking, and designs vary from artist to artist.

5. Mermaid Nails

Mermaid nails were another trend that hit hard in 2017, with designs ranging from sequinned scales to underwater themed glitter, Mermaid nails were one of the hottest trends this summer.

6. Vampire Nails

A manicure with a twist - these vampire nails tend to swap out clear or pastel tips with tips in dark reds and crimsons. You can also blend the reds into a darker colour for the outer edges - black or a deep brown - to achieve an ombre effect across the length of the nail.

7. Ombre Nails

Ombre and bayalage were huge in salons this year and it seems we’re going for a sun-kissed look with our nails as well. They don’t need to be created with bold, bright colours either - try toning it down with nudes and pastels for a subtle change to your work look.

8. Bubble Nails

How could we do a post about nail trends without giving bubble nails a nod? These are created with acrylic - you effectively make a dome in the centre of the nail, which gives the illusion of a bubble.

9. Furry Nails

Eliciting a mixed reaction from pretty much everyone, Furry Nails got their spot in the limelight this year. Not all designs are as outlandish as this one, where the fur is protruding out of the nails and away from the fingers. Subtler versions include making your nails look like they’ve been topped with felt, without the stray hairs.

10. Chrome Nails

Sported on the red carpet by Gigi Hadid, Chrome Nails became an instant favourite. A blend of sparkle and shine, the pseudo metallic effect is created by dusting your nails with chrome powder after having applied an opaque base coat.

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