How young is too young for beauty treatments?

Adults aren’t the only ones getting beauty treatments these days; the kids are getting involved too. 'Pamper-birthday' parties for young children, involving makeup, manicures and hair styling, have become commonplace in the UK, but out of this has come the demand for individual treatments, with parental consent.

A 2016 survey by the British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetology found that two in three British mothers book salon treatments for their under-eights. We’ll admit we were surprised by that statistic, but we do often get approached by parents of teenage girls, asking if we are able to give them treatments.

We take each request on a case-by-case basis; we must always have parental approval and if we feel the treatment is appropriate, we’ll be happy to carry it out. As skincare and beauty experts, we’re on hand to talk to both parents and their children about what is an ‘appropriate’ treatment. Leg and eyebrow waxing is popular, especially with young girls who feel as though they have excess hair. Mothers tend to prefer this option too, as they know from their own experience that waxing, as opposed to shaving, reduces hair growth over time. At All About Me we’re in a position to offer youngsters a good quality waxing experience and we’d much rather they come to us, than try it themselves and cause potential harm to their skin.

There are some treatments that we’re happy to provide for young people. Shaping eyebrows, for example, can be a minefield; who remembers having disastrous eyebrows as a teenager? We certainly do; over-plucking is so easily done, it makes sense to allow teenagers access to professional treatment.

Similarly, if you don’t want your teenager to wear mascara on a daily basis, an eyelash tint is a good compromise. And that’s really all these decisions are about; compromise. Children are, arguably, growing up more quickly than ever and they don’t want to be ‘left behind’ in their friendships group. But if you, as a parent, aren’t comfortable with them having certain treatments, that’s okay too.

So, how young is ‘too young’ for beauty treatments? Well, there is no official age and opinions will always differ on this subject. When it comes children having treatments such as manicures and waxing, the decision always lies with the parent; they must decide what is best for their child. At All About Me, if you make a sensible request for your offspring and consent to the treatment, we’re always willing to talk it through with you.

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