Why double dipping in salons is disgusting and should be banned

Double dipping still happens in too many salons that offer waxing, so we thought we’d set the record straight, talk about what it is and put our case forward for it being banned.

What is double dipping?

Double dipping is when a wax spatula is used more than once. This means a therapist applies the wax to an area and then dips back in the wax pot and applies again.

Why is that so bad?

Basically, double dipping transfers any germs from a client into the wax and then that wax is applied to the next client - complete with germs. Think about this: our underarms sweat and if you’re having a wax in this area, the skin is secreting bodily fluids - if you’re repeatedly using the same spatula on the underarm and re-dipping, it’ll have secretions of perspiration going into the wax pot. Then imagine the next client requests as eyebrow wax… those secretions are still there. See, we told you it was disgusting.

Doesn’t the hot wax kill these germs though?

No - the wax never reaches a temperature high enough to kill the germs. If anything, the wax pot is more of a breeding ground for bacteria to cultivate, as the wax temperature (usually 55 - 65 degrees) is the perfect environment for germs to flourish.

Can double dipping be dangerous, then?

It can be, yes - which is why we think the practice should be banned. Double dipping can cause the spread of a bacteria called staph. It can be really dangerous for those who suffer from a low immune system, but it is not infectious or harmful until it enters the body. Staph infections can range from a boil or skin abscess to septicaemia (an infection in the blood) or endocarditis (an infection of the lining of the heart) which can be potentially fatal.

Worryingly, you can catch most forms of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from double dipping. All it takes is for one person to not be aware they have it and that one time you double dipped for the whole pot of wax to be contaminated. Yuck!

If it’s known to be dangerous, why do some salons continue to double-dip?

This one’s easy - because some salons consider it cheaper and they are a bit lazy too. But look at the numbers - a wooden spatula costs just one pence; is it really worth the risk? Not according to All About Me salon owner Amy Austin, who said “we would never double dip at All About Me. We wax all areas of the body and believe double dipping should be banned.”

If you’re new to a salon, is it ok to ask if they double dip?

Hell yes! Although beauty therapists are taught not to do it, once they are in a salon, many form bad habits and some just aren’t aware of the contamination risks. If more customers asked, perhaps salons would do it less - or ideally, stop doing it altogether!

If you’re looking for a clean and professional wax, always go to a salon that is committed to never double dipping - All About Me is awaiting your call.

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