How to update your skincare routine for winter

As the temperature drops and the thermostat is turned up, winter can cause complete havoc to skin. That’s why as the season changes, we recommend updating your skincare routine to ensure you’re treating it right throughout the winter months.

If you’re not sure what you should be doing differently during winter, we’ve put together a selection of hints and tips below.

Moisture is your best friend. One of the main problems caused by the colder weather is increased dryness to skin, so ensure that you lather up with an appropriate moisturising cream. When choosing a face cream, go for one with a creamier base than you usually would in summer. Environ’s Super Moisturiser relieves dry skin and is perfect for the winter months. If the colder weather has been a real shock to your skin and it is in need of an extra dose of hydration, the Hydraboost facial is an intensive treatment that deeply nourishes and gives instant results.

Keep water consumption high. The lower temperatures are not an excuse to lower your H20 intake, so don’t use them as an excuse! Drinking water is a must-do for skin and general health all year round, so make sure you carry a bottle of it with you at all times.

Protect your lips. During winter, we’re much more likely to lick our lips in an effort to add moisture to them – if you catch yourself doing this, STOP; you’re just going to make the dryness worse! When it comes to lip balm, opt for a formula that contains vitamin A, as this can help to help stimulate the blood supply, which your skin will appreciate more in the colder weather. If you don’t want to miss out on a hint of colour, choose a lipstick with lip balm built in. Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink is ideal if you want to add a touch of colour to lips. It contains SPF 15 and will leave lips feeling moisturised and protected against the harsh elements.

Give yourself a hand. Hands tend to dry out more quickly than the rest of the body, so pay closer attention to them during winter months. Try to get yourself into a routine of applying hand cream after every hand wash and keep a tube on your desk or in your bag, to ensure it’s always at hand (pun intended). A cuticle cream such as this one from Bio Sculpture will stop fingers from becoming red and sore in colder weather - and don’t forget to wear gloves when outside to protect your precious digits. Alternatively, put your hands in those of a professional and treat yourself to a manicure for some additional TLC.

Remember your feet! It’s easy to forget that you have feet during winter, as they are usually covered by 80 denier tights or thick woolly socks, but don’t neglect them during the colder weather. Moisturise your tootsies with foot cream on a regular basis to ensure that when they emerge into the light of warmer weather, they won’t scare people off!

Don’t forget the sunscreen (yes, really!) Believe it or not, you should continue to use a broad spectrum sunscreen throughout the winter. Your external environment is still attacking you with UV rays that cause ageing - even on dull, cold days. To counteract this, look for a moisturising formula with an SPF of 15. We can recommend Environ’s RAD, which also assists in fighting free-radicals.

Do you have any winter skincare tips that you’d like to share? Let us know and don’t forget to

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