How to apply foundation correctly

To get the most from your makeup, a perfect base is essential, but it can take a while to achieve that flawless look, so in this blog post, we’ve asked our salon experts to give their advice on how to apply foundation correctly.

A clean brush is essential

A dirty brush means you are most likely wiping bacteria over your recently-cleansed face, yuk! Spray your brushes with a brush cleanser every day and wash with a brush shampoo or a good quality hair shampoo each week. Once washed, lay your brushes flat to air dry, as this will stop moisture from getting into the handle.

Consider applying a primer

At All About Me, we always recommend using a primer, as this ensures a more flawless finish to your foundation and helps to keep it in place. Make sure that you use one appropriate for your skin type.

Start central

Always start applying foundation at the centre of your face and work your way outwards, as this will give you a better overall look. Try to work downwards, to ensure you’re not working against the downy hairs on your face; ideally, you want them to be as flat as possible.

Arm yourself with good brushes

When it comes to choosing a good brush for foundation application, for liquids we always recommend synthetic hair. Natural hair brushes work well for powders, as they don’t absorb the product.

Fingers or sponge?

When it comes to liquid foundation, as opposed to powder, apply the product to the back of your hand and use it as a palette. This allows you to better control the amount of product you’re applying. If you plump for a liquid foundation, apply it using a brush, as fingers can get warm, resulting in uneven coverage. If you prefer to use sponges for application, be aware that they tend to absorb your product, so you’ll likely have to replace your foundation more frequently. Sponges are also more difficult to clean, meaning bacteria could be lurking.

Choose mineral

Try to opt for a true mineral makeup, such as Jane Iredale. These don’t contain bulking agents, which can result in that ‘caked’ look – and they are much better for your skin too. If you do go for a mineral powder foundation, we would recommend using the Handi Brush from Jane Iredale alongside it for a better finish.

If you’d like more advice on how to apply foundation, or to find out which colours match your skin tone, speak to a member of our professional team – we offer free makeup consultations, so take advantage of our expertise and let us help you get the look you want!

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