Eight ways to avoid the biggest beauty mistakes

It’s easy to make mistakes with your makeup and skincare routines but the good news is these slip-ups are easy to fix too – here are some beauty mistakes that you might be making and if so, how to avoid them in future.

Find your own style and colour palette

What suits others may not suit you, so it’s important to find your own style when it comes to your skincare and makeup routines. If you’re not sure what colours flatter your skin tone, simply pop into the salon for a free makeup consultation.

Match foundation to your jawline

With so many foundations on the market these days, it’s a little too easy to buy the latest release, whether or not it’s a good match for your skin tone. Simply by matching the foundation to your jawline, you are avoiding one of the biggest beauty mistakes – using the wrong shade of foundation. By using it on your jawline, you can check that the foundation matches both your face and blends into your neckline. And remember: the back of your hand is NOT the same colour as your jawline or face, so stop trying to match it to that!

Do not over-exfoliate

Exfoliating may give you baby soft skin for a few days, but overdoing it can be bad for your skin. When exfoliating, you remove your waterproof layer and the skin below the surface is not designed to be open to the elements. This can result in additional sun damage, increased pigmentation and could make your skin more prone to irritation. If you do want to exfoliate, try not to do it more than twice a week.

Bin the cleansing wipes

We can’t say this enough – steer clear of cleansing wipes. Yes, you might consider them to be convenient but trust us: they are doing nothing good for your skin. Wipes not only create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, they simply don’t clean your face properly. Instead of reaching for the wipes after a long day, invest in a decent cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Cleanse twice every evening, the first time will remove dirt and the second wash will do what the product is intended to do. Once you get into the routine of cleansing twice, you’ll wonder how you ever thought cleansing wipes were doing a good job!

Always moisturise

Moisturising is key for good skin – even if you have oily skin, you must moisturise twice a day, as oil and moisture are not the same thing. You don’t need to go crazy, applying multiple serums and creams (which could have an adverse effect on skin anyway), instead just stock up on a good moisturiser & creams suitable for your skin type and age. If you’re unsure of what moisturiser you should add to your routine, All About Me is always here to talk you through options.

Keep your products clean

You must keep your makeup collection clean. Brushes, for example, should be cleaned with a spray cleanser at least every two weeks and have a thorough wet cleanse once a month. Don’t be afraid to throw away old products; mascara shouldn’t be used after three months, as tiny mites that live in your lashes can breed. And while we’re talking about mascara, stop pumping the wand into the tube, by doing so you’re adding air, which means it will dry out more quickly.

Opt for powder over pencil on eyebrows

Eyebrows generally get sparser with age, so we find that a powder, as opposed to a pencil, gives more mature clients a much softer look, while still defining the brows. At All About Me we love the Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit, it is available in two colours and includes a wax to keep those stray hairs in place all day (and night).

Use matte colours as you get older

Shimmery makeup is lovely to use for the younger amongst us, but as we age, unfortunately the different facets of the shimmer reflect in different directions and highlight lines and wrinkles. If you are finding these shimmery products just aren’t working for you any more, stick to matte colours – they are your new best friend!

All About Me is offering you a free makeup consultation, so if you want to update your look or simply need some advice, call us on 01905 617406 to book an appointment.

If you are guilty of making beauty mistakes, or have any beauty questions you’d like us to answer, head on on over to to share.

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