At All About Me we offer waxing and intimate waxing.  We use the Perron Rigot hot wax for all our intimate waxing - ask one of our therapists why it’s so important!


As you're probably aware, a 'Brazilian' can be different salon to salon. So to keep it easy, and you know what you're booking in for (& we know what you're booking in for!), we've renamed the treatments. So its crystal clear, and you can also book in whilst in your office without everyone knowing what you're having done at lunchtime!


If you have any questions please feel free to pick up the phone or email & one of our qualified beauty therapists will be happy to help you.


Merino - Crease of the leg, front only. Wear bikini knickers with no hair showing outside.

Cashmere - Top and sides narrowing at the bottom onto buttock cheeks. Wear high leg knickers.

Velvet - Strip left on pubic mound & labia, narrowing to buttock cheeks, includes buttock crease. Wear a thong.

Silk - Everything off! With or without landing strip.

Cotton – Buttock crease – feel feminine.

Satin – Buttock cheeks. 

Pashmina – Buttock crease and buttock cheeks.




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